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Open Space Tanzania’s Story

Welcome to Open Space Tanzania, the vibrant hub of empowerment! Within our digital haven, a brighter future takes shape through actionable initiatives, inviting you to explore our mission designed to empower Tanzania’s youth. Join us as we unveil our commitment, breaking traditional boundaries. At Open Space Tanzania, we champion knowledge access, environmental consciousness, gender equality, and inclusive community empowerment.

As you navigate our virtual landscape, witness our strategic efforts bridging societal gaps. We aren’t just change agents; rather, we’re committed growth stewards, propelling individuals and communities forward. Explore our projects, each meticulously crafted to actively contribute to a thriving society sustaining its vibrancy for future generations.

With every click on this transformative journey, a gateway to possibilities opens. Open Space Tanzania isn’t just a platform; instead, it’s a rallying cry, where digital interactions reverberate beyond the screen. Each click signifies a commitment to positive change, a deliberate step toward a future where empowerment is a natural state of being.

Join Open Space Tanzania, where every engagement is an opportunity to make a significant, lasting difference. Empowerment isn’t just a vision here; it’s a lived experience. Join us on this immersive journey, where positive change ripples far beyond the digital realm, shaping a brighter and more promising future.

To empower and engage youths around Tanzania to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally.


Empowering Youths through knowledge access and bridging the gap for a brighter future.

Our Philosophy

Centred on the conviction that empowerment serves as the catalyst for positive societal change. Envisioning a future where knowledge breaks boundaries, environmental responsibility is shared, gender equality is a fundamental right, and community empowerment forms the bedrock of resilient societies, we embrace diversity and inclusivity.

Our Principle

Integrity in action, marked by a commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in all our efforts. Upholding the highest standards, we approach our mission with a profound sense of responsibility to the communities we serve. Our core values include collaboration and inclusivity, ensuring that our initiatives are crafted in consultation with the communities we engage.

Our Key Of Success

Driven by the synergy of passion, innovation, and collective effort. We understand that success is not solely determined by individual achievements but by the combined impact of a united community. Fostering a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and resilience, we empower our team and collaborators to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.