Tanzanian University Students Wikimedians

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University Students Wikimedians

Level: National

Sector Education

Funding: Wikimedia Foundation

Status: Inprogress

Start Date: May 2019

End Date: NA

Project Manger: Magoiga Mtatiro

Tanzanian University Students Wikimedians User Group (TUSW) stands as a dynamic community of Wikimedia editors, wholeheartedly committed to advancing the cause of Wikimedia projects within the academic sphere of Secondary, College, and University Students across Tanzania. Our mission extends beyond mere participation – we actively strive to foster a culture of open-source collaboration, knowledge sharing, and educational empowerment, particularly catering to the Swahili-speaking demographic.

Within the vibrant landscape of TUSW, our commitment to knowledge dissemination and open-source advocacy takes shape through meticulously organized training sessions and engaging events. We go beyond the role of editors by embracing a responsibility to help, encourage, and educate Swahili-speaking users and communities. Through these initiatives, we aim to emphasize the significance of open-source principles, the collective power of knowledge sharing, and the broader impact of educational initiatives.

Membership within TUSW is not merely a title but an invitation to join a collaborative force driven by shared interests. We welcome individuals passionate about Wikimedia projects, open-source ideals, and the transformative power of knowledge. As an inclusive user group, we believe that collective efforts and diverse perspectives play a crucial role in enhancing the Wikimedia landscape. Join TUSW, where your enthusiasm meets a community dedicated to shaping the future of knowledge-sharing and educational empowerment across Tanzania.

Key Objectives.

Igniting the Flame of Wikimedia Passion: TUSW passionately endeavours to promote and kindle the flame of enthusiasm for Wikimedia projects. Our mission is to spread the spark of curiosity, encouraging students across Tanzania to delve into the wealth of knowledge that Wikimedia offers, and fostering a love for exploration and discovery.

Language as a Gateway: Beyond promoting Swahili, we champion the beauty of multilingual expression. TUSW is on a mission to make editing accessible in various languages, celebrating the diversity of voices that contribute to the rich tapestry of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

Student Voices Echoing Loud: TUSW’s heartbeat is the engagement of students, echoing their voices across Wikimedia projects. We aspire to transform students from passive consumers to active contributors, empowering them to share their insights, stories, and perspectives, thereby shaping the future of knowledge representation.

Epic In-person Experiences: Picture this: Vibrant in-person events where local Wikipedians/Wikimedians converge, exchange ideas, and elevate their skills. TUSW goes beyond organization; we curate experiences that serve as catalysts for growth, providing the necessary resources to sculpt a community of contributors with the power to shape Wikimedia projects dynamically.

In the realm of TUSW, our objectives are not just statements; they are rallying calls for a community ignited by curiosity, diversity, and the collective power of student voices. Join us in transforming objectives into compelling realities! 

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