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Welcome to Open Space Tanzania, an NGO with registration number 00NGO/R/4845 in Tanzania – where we transcend boundaries, ignite possibilities, and carve pathways to a future filled with boundless opportunities! We’re not just an organization; we’re a force of empowerment, dedicated to fueling the aspirations of Tanzanian youths.

At Open Space Tanzania, we’re not just breaking barriers; we’re tearing down the walls that limit the potential of Tanzanian youths. Imagine a space where education, environmental awareness, gender equality, and community empowerment collide to create a symphony of change.

Brace yourself for a journey where knowledge is the compass, and every step leads to a brighter tomorrow.

Environmental Sector

fostering environmental consciousness and sustainability,  envisioning a greener future toghether.

Gender Equity

advocating for gender equity, striving to create a society where everyone enjoys equal opportunities and rights.


Dedicated to breaking down barriers to education, empowering Tanzanian youth with knowledge to unlock their full potential.

Community Empowerement

Working with local communities to identify needs, foster sustainable solutions, and build resilient foundations for collective growth.

Our Projects

University Students Wikimedians

A dynamic group of enthusiastic students dedicated to promoting knowledge sharing and contributing valuable content to Wikimedia projects, fostering a culture of collaboration and learning.Learn More

Bantu Trails in Tanzania

Showcasing the diverse landscapes, traditions, and history of the region.Learn More

Tanzania Green Campus

Pioneering initiative dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability within academic institutions, fostering eco-friendly practices and inspiring a culture of environmental responsibility among students and staff.Learn More

Donation helps us

Your donation helps us create positive change, making a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve. Join us in building a brighter future together

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